I Can’t See the Light at the Spiritual Eye


I am not able to focus my mind while meditating like I am not able to imagine light at my temple(forehead).

—Bhairav Yadav, India


Dear Bhairav,

Are you familiar with the Hong Sau technique of concentration? Hong Sau is an ancient Sanskrit mantra that affirms our identity as Spirit and brings about peace. It helps to focus the mind and it’s scattered thoughts. You can find a video and detailed explanation of the practice on the Ananda.org site:

Hong-Sau Technique of Meditation

To focus on the light you can start by tapping the point just above and between eyebrows to bring awareness to that point. Then close your eyes and elevate your gaze about 20° above eye level. Do not cross your eyes but bring your full attention to that point. If your mind wanders bring it back to that point as many times as you need to. You are building a mental muscle which will get stronger over time. Imagine an all encompassing light and relax into that light. Do not be concerned if you don’t see the light, or can’t visualize it. Many people don’t. God reveals Himself to each of us differently. Relax, and offer yourself to Him.

Although it is wonderful to see the light of God, we can also experience God in any of His eight aspects. Swami Kriyananda defines meditation as “that level of absorption when one has an actual experience of God, or one of His attributes.” Those attributes according to Indian Scriptures are peace, calmness, light, sound, power, love, joy, and wisdom. If you feel a sense of expansion after your meditation in the form of peace, calmness, love or joy then you are experiencing a part of God and you’re on the right track.

Below is a link to a wonderful article on “ The Complete Guide to the Spiritual Eye — What it Is, What it Looks Like, and How to See It”. It will give you detailed information on this topic.

The Complete Guide to the Spiritual Eye

Many blessings on your meditation practice,

Nayaswami Pushpa