I do not know anyone in my country who is interested in the teachings of Yogananda


I do not know a single person in my country who would be even interested in teachings of Yogananda. I know my path is right, but there are many people trying to draw my attention elsewhere.

How can I remain firm in my aspirations when my values are so alien to other people?

—Dm., Europe


This is not an easy answer.  Having support on your spiritual path is very important. First, try to connect with our community and teaching center in Assisi, Italy, if you have not done so. They may know of someone near you who is looking for spiritual friendship also. If all this does not work, or even if it does, each day go into Ananda’s websites for daily inspiration through the talks posted,  Sunday services, etc.; read from the many inspiring books available each day, sing and listen to the wonderful music from Ananda. Surround yourself with pictures of the Masters and keep your home vibration strong.

Most of all, pray for those who do not understand. Send them loving vibrations from the Masters. Be even-minded and cheerful at all times, giving energy and support to those around you. Keep your ideals to yourself, unless there is someone who is really interested.  There is no need to justify yourself, but know you are doing the right thing in meditating and loving God.

Bless you, Seva