I Hurt People When I Am Stressed


I hurt people when I am stressed by talking them rudely.

When in normal condition, I am a happy person and I am a devotee since on and a half year. I cannot control anger sometimes.

Please help me.

—Pradnya Kulkarni, India


Dear Pradnya,

The more you meditate and learn to carry the effects of relaxation and calmness into your daily life, the less and less you will react to stress or any adverse circumstances.

A women here at Ananda said a very wise thing that has helped us all: she said, “Detach yourself, control the reactive process and live the teachings.” You must put real energy into following these words as they will take you away from stress and anger.

When you are beginning to feel stress, stop what you are doing and go into a meditative state. And then do something helpful for others or do something that you find relaxes you. Get away from the stressful condition until you can come back to it with a strong energy.

Realize where people are coming from. Sometimes, for example, I have to fight the thought that people do not like me. When I think they do not, I’m not very nice to them. But I find that this is only my thought process – not theirs. I usually understand that their thoughts did not include me but rather, were about something that was bothering them.

Send prayers and love to all around you at all times. With a higher consciousness you will be able to be calm and see how you can be of help.

Most important, do not be hard on yourself. Keep going forward by raising your consciousness and giving love. Give love to yourself also as God and guru are always with you, loving you.

Joy to you,