I see some different color dots like star in the sky during meditation or when wake up from bed. What it indicates.

—J S Patel, India


Dear Friend,

When the mind is calm and the heart is open, many interesting things happen to us in meditation, and seeing colors and shapes is one of these.

Some of these correspond to the chakras, while others are more associated with the physical body. As long as you don’t find it unpleasant, you can gaze at these colors or shapes as long as you like. You may find that they change while you look at them. Gazing at them will often take you to a more interiorized state, and deeper peace. Pray to God and the gurus to guide your practice, showing you any corrections that might be needed.

You might find Nayaswami Savitri’s book on the chakras interesting. (It is available through Crystal Clarity Publishers or

Many blessings and joy to you,
Nayaswami Sadhana Devi

The Spiritual Qualities of Colors

Swami Kriyananda wrote the following on the spiritual qualities of colors:

The colors of the rainbow are components of what may be called your “energy body.” Develop balance in your taste for colors.

Yellow: wisdom, understanding, calm acceptance

White: a blend of the seven colors of the rainbow: all-forgiving innocence, mental clarity, a heart kept open to the needs of others.

Red: good cheer, laughter, joy.

Blue: calmness, space, infinity.

Green: green fields, green trees, the “green” of growing plants, and of youthful energy!

Orange: fiery enthusiasm to burn away all obstacles.

Violet: high thoughts, high principles, noble aspirations.

Indigo: pure feelings, devotion, love of beauty in all expressions—in its spiritual expression, above all.

(from Do It NOW!, by Swami Kriyananda, Crystal Clarity Publishers)

Consciously choosing the colors we surround ourselves with, can help us magnetize and enhance the qualities needed in different circumstances.

Seeing Colors During Meditation and the Chakras

Knowing the colors of the different chakras and their qualities can help us tune into them and start experiencing them more as a reality. We may even start finding ourselves in meditation seeing the colors of the chakras.

“There is an ancient tradition in India that the chakras manifest progressively the colors of the rainbow. The lowest chakra represents red, the next one (second) orange, the third yellow, the next one (the heart chakra) green, the fifth (throat chakra) blue, the spiritual eye and the crown chakra, indigo and violet. The lowest vibration, of course, is red; this chakra is where the energy is going outward more. Violet is the highest vibration; it represents that aspect of the chakras that brings everything into a state of peace. The gradual spiritualizing process flows in the direction from the lowest chakra (red) to the highest chakra (violet). We tend to think of the cooler colors, violet and blue as more spiritual than the highly energized colors of red and orange.

Meditating on the chakras and their colors may help you to become more aware of the chakras. This information on the colors of the chakras is not being offered to you as a deep teaching. It is not something that Paramhansa Yogananda said, but it’s an intriguing theory, and it’s something interesting to play with. After all, we have to have some fun!”

(from Chakras for Starters, by Savitri Simpson, Crystal Clarity Publishers)

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