I See Colors in Meditation, What Does That Mean?


I see some different color dots like star in the sky during meditation or when wake up from bed. What it indicates.

—J S Patel, India


Dear Friend,

Many interesting things happen to us in meditation, when the mind is calm and the heart is open. One of these is seeing colors and shapes.

Some of these correspond to the chakras, while others are more associated with the physical body. As long as you don’t find it unpleasant, you can gaze at these colors or shapes as long as you like.

You may find that they change while you look at them. Gazing at them will often take you to a more interiorized state, and deeper peace.

Pray to God and the gurus to guide your practice, showing you any corrections that might be needed.

You might find Nayaswami Savitri’s book on the chakras interesting. (It is available through Crystal Clarity Publishers or Amazon.com.)

Many blessings and joy to you,
Nayaswami Sadhana Devi