I Want to Stop Reincarnating, and Find God


How can I jump out of this cycle of lives on earth and elsewhere? I wish to go direct to God, the creator, for eternity.

—Bill, USA


Dear Bill,

I’m with you! I want the very same things, the sooner the better. You should know that it’s a good thing to be asking these important questions! Congratulations!

The first thing needed is to really want to be free. The second thing needed is to do the work necessary to make that happen.

It takes us many lifetimes to reach a place where it even occurs to us to ask questions like these. Paramhansa Yogananda says that when we ask them and sincerely long to be free, then we are very close, indeed, compared to the millions of lifetimes it has taken us to reach this point of even asking.

What happens, he says, is that you reach a place of “anguishing monotony” at the thought of all those lives and who knows how many more to go. This is very motivating and gives us the energy to start seeking the answers. Whether we consciously realize it or not, an inward call goes up from our soul to God: “I want answers! I want out!”

God always answers this call by bringing teachers, teachings, and techniques into your life. Pay attention as this happens!

Having a God-realized guru helps quicken the process, as does daily, deep meditations using excellent and well-proven techniques, like those of the path of kriya yoga, to speed you on your way to the end. The good news is that it gets more and more joyful as you proceed. It’s worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

Let us know if you want more specific details on learning and practicing these meditation techniques.