I’m hearing choirs and other sounds


Hello. I’ve been hearing choirs and sounds continuously for over 5 years. I had only meditated for a month prior. The sounds and choirs don’t come through my ears but vibrate through my entire body and certain tones through my fingers, if I touch something. I have never done yoga and, after this long, only just learned about nada sound. Wanting to find out some more about it and ask if there’s a way to switch it off? Kind Regards, Liz

—Liz Gordon, Australia


Dear Liz,

It is true that inner sounds are often heard in meditation and at other times also. They are real and true phenomena. Some sounds/vibrations come from the different chakras within your energy body. Often the AUM (Om) sound is hears as a roaring ocean or music (a choir). What is happening to you is probably an important sign that you have practiced yoga/meditation in many previous lifetimes. This should be something, which urges you to continue in this lifetime. Good instructions will help you do this correctly and safely and will help you to manage the sounds (switch them off) as you choose. I would suggest to you that you consider studying Paramhansa Yogananda’s path of Kriya Yoga through Ananda Sangha, which would help you very much in this pursuit. Please look at this website for more instructions on how to do that. Blessings and joy to you always!