Importance of Sitting after Meditation


I have been doing meditation for over a month now and sometimes while meditating I feel as if my heart has dropped. I feel anxious. It is not a good feeling. There are times when this feeling eventually fades but sometimes it grows stronger and I have to drop my meditation session. What could be the reason for such a feeling? Any help would be appreciated!

—Shivleen Pasricha, India


In meditation practice we are guided to sit silently for a period of time after our practice of the techniques. This is very important and might greatly help you to transcend what you are now experiencing.

Let me explain: Meditation works directly upon the subtle energy in the spine, specifically in the chakras. The chakras are the “cosmic library” of each soul and contain the memory of lifetimes, karma, and samskars (tendencies). When meditation influences the energy to positively move upwards, this flow loosens and releases the seeds of karma. For this reason it is very important to sit for a while after practicing meditation technique so that these released energies can rise to the brain and be burnt up in the spiritual light concentrated there. If it happens during your practice of the techniques and is disruptive, stop the technique and concentrate on relaxing and bringing relaxation again into the deep spine. When you again feel calm, you can resume your practice.

As well, include in your prayers an invitation to God and the Masters to help you in your practice and to specifically guide you through and beyond these undesirable feelings.

I hope and pray that you are able to see this through and find enjoyment in your practices.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Maria