In Meditation: Sit Straight, but Comfortably!


I am doing meditation from 2002 and energy flow is up to Crown Chakra.I am not able to maintain my seating poisture same and so many time my leg changes position. Is it the reason I am not progressing better?

—J S Patel, India


Dear Friend,

Congratulations to you on your good progress! You are doing very well indeed. But, to answer your question and perhaps help you to make even more progress I will offer these suggestions.

It is not necessary to sit on the floor to meditate. As Swami Kriyananda says, “It is God, not your aching knees, that should be the object of your meditation!” If pain anywhere in the body distracts you from your practice it is best to make common sense adjustments so that you can concentrate.

The most important thing to remember about your posture, is to keep the spine straight. As long as you are able to do this, any posture is acceptable, including sitting on a chair. Choose a straight backed one with no arms, and be sure that your thighs are level with the floor and your feet flat on the floor. That may make it necessary to put a cushion on the seat if you are tall, or a cushion under your feet if you are short.

A low cushion at the base of your spine can also help to stabilize the body, but don’t lean back on it, sit firmly with the back straight and away from the back of the chair. Rest your hands on your thighs at the junction of the abdomen with the palms turned upward (this is one reason the thighs should be level with the floor so that the hands do not slide downward).

Make sure that the chest is up and the shoulders down and relaxed, the chin level with the floor. Now you should be able to sit comfortably for long periods.

You might also try placing a wool blanket on the chair, letting the blanket run up over the back of the chair and under your feet. This will help insulate you from subtle earth currents that make the mind restless.

Many blessings on your spiritual search!

Joy to you,

Nayaswami Sadhana Devi