In Physical Contact, the Most Important Thing Is Our Own Consciousness



I have a trival question I guess, but it's been floating aroud my mind so I need to ask.

Swami Kriyananda mentions in a few talks about not touching the opposite sex, even in the act of shaking hands.

Does anyone have any practical ideas in how to politly refuse to shake the hands of another person or a mantra for protection? As in our society/business world it's polite to shake hands.

There have been so many times where I had an inward feeling of not to shake hands with a person.

—Angela Amor, Brasil/Australia


Angela, Swami Kriyananda’s counsel to limit or avoid contact with the opposite sex has its most literal application to those who have taken preliminary or final vows of renunciation, e.g., in the Nayaswami Order.

For all devotees his counsel must be circunscribed by context and culture. In business, to refuse to shake hands is impolite or worse. In some cultures or families, it is the same for hugging. So one must be practical and polite.

As you imply, the most important thing is our own consciousness. There are mantras, especially for psychic protection, but that’s a bit more extreme and probably not what you are facing. In having to shake hands you might mentally affirm, “All is God” or “All is Vasudev (the Lord).” Or “Aum Guru.”

You should try be centered in the spine (within) and if social custom or circumstances requires eye contact, try gazing at the other person’s spiritual eye. Mostly be in the divine presence and see only that Presence in all.

Nayaswami Hriman