Interesting Experiences


2 experiences I wanted to ask about: First when I was not meditating these things occurred: I heard/saw internally a wooshing sound - like a river or wind - when I was praying for a child with Lukemia and then in the middle of the night half asleep. As if I was caught sleeping by the teacher I called out - "yes God yes, I am here." Then the night before last at 5:00am I woke up thinking the the bed was shaking - but it was my entire spine, or inner core. What is this? any guidance?

—Maia, USA


Dear Maia,

The sort of things you are describing happen often to people who are meditating or praying regularly.

The whooshing sound you heard descibes well one if the inner sounds of the chakras, which is often heard in deep meditation. It means your inner, astral spine is being awakened and you are better able to perceive very subtle energy manifestations therein.

If you have not learned the actual AUM technique which is a part of the path of Kriya Yoga, you might want to consider that. It helps you to consciously hear all the subtle sounds of your chakras.

It is wonderful that even in a “half-asleep” state, you were able to be ready to say “Yes” to whatever God might want of you. This shows that you are open to trying to be in tune with God’s will for your life.

And finally when you feel shaking or movement in your spine or “inner core” this means that your inner energies are being awakened due to your meditation practices. It is a very good sign that you are making spiritual progress!