Interpreting Your Dreams


I visualize dreams which turn TRUE, last 2

months back I heard a devotional song and unexpectedly had been to a place where the same song I heard. Also I dream God, please inform what is it.

—kshama, India


Dear Kshama,

It sounds as though is God trying to speak to you through your dreams, which is a wonderful thing, indeed! To understand exactly what is being said to you more clearly and in greater detail, meditate deeply and pray to God and your Guru (if you have one) that the meaning of these important dreams will be revealed to you. It is best to interpret your dreams yourself in this way, rather than asking someone else to interpret it — after all, it is YOUR dream and no one else’s!

Meditation is the best way to receive intuitive guidance about the meaning of your dreams and of everything else in your life.

You might also wish to read my book on this subject called The Meaning of Dreaming by Savitri Simpson. It is available through and also at