I have been doing meditation for around a year and I meditate for around 1.5 hrs on regular basis. Now thing is that even though I sit with my spine straight, legs crossed, focus between the eye brows and mind on the breath, but few minutes into the meditation my head starts to sway either left to right or up down or sometimes in circular motion and sometimes am forced to bent forward, this is all involuntarily. So my question is : Is it fine or is there something wrong in what am doing?

—H Sharma, Canada


Dear Friend,

If all this is happening involuntarily, it seems unlikely that you are doing something wrong. More likely, it is a manifestation of kundalini energy rising in your spine. I suggest that you focus on stillness in the body, and do not cooperate voluntarily with that involuntary movement during meditation. When they disrupt your meditation, bring your body back to upright and to stillness, without introducing undue tension.

These involuntary body movements during meditation that you are experiencing are likely to be temporary, but it’s worthwhile to explore how you might make them even more temporary: I suggest that you practice some gentle yoga postures before you meditate, especially some forward and backward bends of the spine. This can help to release energy blockages in the spine, which might be contributing to what you’re experiencing. Ananda Yoga is an excellent practice for opening up the flow of energy in the spine.

Also, you could begin your meditation period (after the asanas) with some conscious breathing in the spine: Concentrate on the rising and descending currents of energy in the spine as you inhale and exhale. Feel those currents straightening and lengthening your spine, and bringing you into an ever-more-centered place.

All the while, put extra focus on offering your meditations to God. Ask God to be present with you in meditation, and to guide your efforts. Then, whatever happens, try to feel God within the experience.

Nayaswami Gyandev

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