Is God a Tyrant?


If God is no tyrant, then why is everyone suffering so much? Yoganandaji says that we punish ourselves for our sins. Are we not a part of God? Then, is it not true that God is a tyrant?

—X, India


Dear X,

How can God be a tyrant when we really tune into Him? We find that He only channels love to us.

When we hear the Om or feel a spiritual blessing, how can we think He is of our own making? Don’t we feel that He is beyond our senses, pleasures and thoughts?

The bliss that we feel when we really are listening to Him is beyond all that we know in this world.

It is our true Self. Meditate more on Bliss and you will see God is rasha or the most relishable.

The pains we experience comes from millions of incarnations lived in total ignorance of the Divine, and duality is what keeps this world going and it keeps us bound to this world.

He wants us to be free. Through God’s love and blessings we can free ourselves from this binding force.

Be in joy, Give joy, Give love to all.