Is God Real?


How do you know that God is real when there is no proof that God is real ?

Not that i can see anyway

—H.J.A, Europe


Dear H.J.A.,

Of course, the problem we run into here is: What do you mean by “God”? If you mean a man with a long white beard, I agree that there’s no proof of such a God.

If you define God, as the Indian Scriptures do, as Satchidananda, translated by Yogananda as “ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss,” then I see proof everywhere.

We llive in a world of conscious beings – where did consciousness come from? Did a bunch of atoms bump into each other and suddenly consciousness appeared?

For that matter, the principle of entropy says that systems if left on their own will move toward a state of dis-integration. Therefore, how did systems such as the human eye, the digestion system, and the brain come about – random bumpings of atoms do not lead to organized systems. As science has proved, left on their own, they become disorganized.

Looking around, I can’t help but wonder where intelligent systems came from. As I believe CS Lewis said, “The person who believes in God must explain the existence of suffering. The person who doesn’t believe in God must explain the existence of everything else.”

Dear H.J.A., I hope you will give serious thought to this. You might find great value in Swami Kriyananda’s book, Out of the Labyrinth.

With joy,