Is It a Good Idea, Spiritually, to Be an Organ Donor?


Does donating ones organs at death connect one to the recipient ,or recipients of those organs, possibly in an undesirable way?

—Jim, usa


Now that there have been several decades of human experience with organ transplants, a small body of evidence has arisen that suggests some interesting aspects of consciousness.

A person who had received a heart transplant from a young man who died in an accident began to develop cravings or interests that didn’t not exist previously and which were traceable to the deceased heart donor’s consciousness.

An esoteric advantage of cremation is the release of any lingering life force in the organs and tissues of the cadaver.

So, yes, it is possible that donating one’s organs may result in some transference of consciousness, perhaps in either direction. Strictly speaking, a yogi may prefer NOT therefore to donate his organs.

However, compassion for others may inspire one to do so anyway.

It’s a question of individual choice or preference, but your question is well placed from the metaphysical and yogic point of view.

Blessings, Nayaswami Hriman