Is It All Right to Attempt to Heal Somebody?


Pranaam and Salutation.

Is it all right to attempt to heal somebody or a situation or are we interfering with the laws of Karma. Can one contract the disease of another person by attempting to heal that person?

—preety, mauritius


Thank you for your question regarding healing. Yes – it is all right to attempt to heal someone; in fact, it is very good to have the compassion and empathy to want to do so.

Paramhansa Yogananda gave many Healing Prayer techniques for that purpose. As devotees it is paramount that we not seek God only for ourselves, but share His blessings with all, for He is in all.

Karma has many levels. The person you are offering to help could have the “bad” karma that causes their illness, but also the very good karma of being offered spiritual healing in the here and now.

God is the healer, but those who serve in this way (through prayer and other spiritual means) are His willing instruments. Pray first to God and guru; ask to be guided and blessed in your healing prayers. If you pray in this way, and use the techniques I gave you in the link above, you will neither “interfere with the laws of karma,” nor will you take the karma upon yourself.

God and the Masters see all, and know all, including the karma of your healing patient and you.

Ask God, Christ (or Krishna), and Guru to flow through your prayers and to bless and guide you. This becomes even more important as your healing power increases as a fruit of prayer practice and devotion.

As our healing power grows, it has the potential to change things and to mitigate karma. This is a beautiful thing, if we always offer it to the Guru first. God and Guru see how to best answer the prayer.

In the Ananda Healing Prayer Council we strive to steadily increase our healing power through prayer and meditation, and most of all, through attunement to God, Christ, and Guru. We pray for people to be blessed with healing in body, mind and soul. Sometimes healing is instantaneous, and sometimes it is gradual.

The blessing comes in many ways – it may bring full healing, or it may bring peace in the midst of a difficult karmic struggle. Or there may be renewed hope, vigor, and guidance on how to start again once the struggle is over.

We do what we can to improve ourselves as healing instruments, and to help the healing patient open ever more fully to God’s guidance and grace, for Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Healing depends on the power of the healer, and the receptivity of the patient.”

We offer many healing resources to help with both sides of that equation.

May God’s blessings flow through you, now and always.