Is It Karma or God’s Answer?


When we achieve something, how will we know whether it is a result of our unconscious good karma or God’s answer to our prayer.

Another question, I have started meditating around 6 months back. Is it natural that for the first few months for us to break down into tears by remembering our sad past?

Tears roll down when I deeply converse with God, specially in matters in which I was hurt. Will the tears stop after a year or so?If yes, again how will I know if time has healed my pain or God?

—Pia Chatterjee, India


Dear Pia,

This a subject that everyone faces at some time or another. What I’ve been doing lately is to raise my energy level when my thoughts dwell on past hurts and sadness. It doesn’t mean that the old energy is ignored but transmuted to a higher level.

If you keep crying, you’ll certainly develop a habit that will keep you crying. Recognize the problem, give it to God, and then dwell on happy thoughts, bring in the light and joyfulness of the Divine. Serve others. Give to all your joyful energy. And do pray for those that have harmed you. By bringing light into your actions, you will eventually feel only joy. Sometimes tears come from joy rather than from sadness. Do not dwell on sadness or your past hurts. This will only bring you continued pain. Your karma cannot leave you then.

You might want to read about karma as explained in The New Path, an autobiography by Swami Kriyananda, pages 320-321. In fact in this book there are many references that would be beneficial.

These tears will not last forever if you give energy to your meditations. In your talks with God, thank Him for all He has given you and then sing to Him of joy and thanksgiving. He is there for you and will give you the energy and love you need.

Blessings, Seva