Is It Okay to Practice Kriya Yoga for Just a Few Minutes?


Master said in one of his talks, practice Kriya even if we have a few minutes. Is it OK to practice just kriya without practicing the other 3 techniques? I usually do Hong Sau when i have a few minutes.

Jai Guru

—Manoj, Malaysia


Dear Manoj,

Yes, it’s OK to do a few Kriya breaths any time you have a little extra time and a quiet place to do them. You don’t have to do all the other techniques, if you are just taking a little break from a busy life, to go within.

And yes, it’s also fine to do Hong-Sau in this way also.

Here’s a suggestion. The next time you are able to take a “mini-meditation” break, ask Master to help you know which technique would be good to do in the few minutes you have.

You may find that sometimes you feel guided to do Kriya, sometimes Hong-Sau, sometimes AUM, or sometimes Energization. Each technique has its special value, and one of them might fit into your life better, at any one given moment.

Yogananda always manifested a great sense of “spiritual adventuresome-ness” and by extension we should be that way also – accepting the discipline as it is taught, yes; but never becoming rigid or set in our ways.