Is It Okay to Pray to Other Spiritual Teachers?


I have been on Yoganandas path for many years and have a regular practice. Yet I can't help the fact that i love other masters besides the Ananda lineage. I have always been very inspired by lord Buddha and i often pray for his guidance along with Jesus, Babaji, Lahiri, Yukteswar and Yogananda before meditation. I fear i am doing something wrong. Is it okay spiritually to do this?

—daniel , usa


Dear Daniel,

I see nothing wrong with including such an avatar in your spiritual practices. Make sure that the one you look up to is a spiritual master. In this case, there is not a problem.

One thing, however, to look for is that you will want to continue with the teachings that Yogananda has given us, and not mix them with seeming different teachings of Buddha. But to draw Buddha’s vibrations into your life, and truly feel them, this is a blessing.

Joy to you,