Is it Right to See Only Black While Meditating?


Whenever I mediate my concentration goes to ajna chakra ...after that there is black ...

I can sit like that for long time it right ?

—Nikku, India


Dear Nikku

The agya chakra (Paramhansa Yogananda’s preferred transliteration) is the center of higher consciousness. While meditating, and after meditation, gazing at the agya chakra directs energy toward awakening your higher consciousness.

Yogananda said that behind the darkness of closed eyes, is the light of God. But not everybody is able to see the light. Some people instead, hear the inner sounds, some can feel peace — and some don’t see, hear, or feel anything for a long time. It depends on the nature of the individual.

All these things take time. It might happen that, gradually, by deeper, relaxed concentration at the agya chakra and self-offering, the darkness will dissolve, and you will begin to see light there.

But whatever comes or doesn’t come, know that God is giving you what is right for you. As one of Yogananda’s most advanced disciples put it, “Your own will surely come to you. In fact, you cannot avoid it.”

Blessings on your practice.

Nayaswami Diksha