Is It the Spiritual Eye?


An older friend began meditating about 5 mos. ago. She practices every day for about 30 minutes using Master's beginning techniques. About a month ago she said that she was seeing a gold circle of light during Hong Sau and after. Just recently she said that it is not always round in shape and asked why now it seems to form on the inhalations of Hong and retreat or even disappear during exhalations. I understand there may be differing thoughts on this and I would appreciate your answers.

—Paula, USA


Dear Paula,

It seems likely that what your friend is experiencing is indeed the spiritual eye but in a way that is not completely focused and therefore the image recedes at times or changes shape.

Suggest to your friend to relax into whatever experience is happening but also to continue with her practice of Hong Sau so as to go deeper within. In that way the right experiences will open up.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba