Is Spiritual Compatibility Necessary?


I’ve recently gotten engaged to a man whom I love dearly who also happens to be an ardent follower of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings. He often conveys that he wishes I were more spiritual; however I have no spiritual interest whatsoever. I’m quite happy with the way I am living now. For the sake of his happiness and our relationship, I’ve been reading a lot regarding the same and trying to meditate with no luck. I fear that our differences may strain our marriage in the future. Any advice?

—shree, india


Dear Shree,

You ask an important question that should be considered deeply by both of you.

Compatibility on a spiritual level is a great help. That you currently have no spiritual interest should not be seen as a finality, nor is the fact that you tried meditation with no success. Spiritual seeds sprout in their own time when the soul is ready.

You state that you are happy with the way you are living. Soon, the way you are living will include a life partner. Marriage is based in cooperation, service, unconditional love, and an expanding consciousness. It is a union where each one tries to support the highest in the other. Try to remain open. After all, you were drawn to him and this is a big part of the person you love.

Having said all of that, he has been drawn to you. As a follower of Yogananda, I suspect he has a big heart and that he has prayed a great deal about this very thing. Evidently he is willing to be patient and to follow the guidance of his Guru. I wish you both the greatest happiness.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Maria