Is Time Travel Possible When You Know God?


I just read in clarity magazine about adventures in time travel by Swami Kriyananda.Is time travel realy possible in samadhi &other higher stage of meditation or it is just a fairy tale story or mere symbolic to convey a message by SK..Is it really possible to travel back to ages when dinosors lived.ages of mahabharata,ages when PY lived on earth through samadhi,kriya practice & deep meditation or is just a fairy tale baby story.

—k, india


Dear Friend,

Swamiji’s story is but a story. Certainly a Self-realized Master can attune himself to any person, living or dead, and perhaps any time and place, for all things exist in the eternal Now, but I don’t believe Swamiji is implying that time travel (as it is depicted in this story) is one of the powers of one in samadhi.

Samadhi is far more wonderful and far more astonishing than mere time travel and I have no doubt that any information which the divine deems appropriate for one who is samadhi is wholly accessible. In samadhi one has no need for time travel.

There are certain aspects and parameters of this creation that are self-limiting and self-defining. God generally plays by the rules of his creation that He has established.

Whatever the truth may be, I’ve never seen in Paramhans Yogananda’s writings nor in Swami Kriyananda’s writings a statement that time travel is a siddhi (power) that comes with Self-realization.

That having been said, I would not go so far as to deny any possibility that our minds can contemplate, at least so far as something as prosaic as time travel is concerned.

Nayaswami Hriman