Is Yogananda infallible?


Is Yogananda understood to have been infallible?

—Jerry, America


Dear Jerry,

Paramhansa Yogananda was an avatar — one who has realized his oneness with the Divine. In this respect he was definitely infallible. If it seems that he may have been wrong in some spiritual aspect, it could very well be our understanding is limited — that our mirror is clouded.

That is why Swami Kriyananda in his book, The New Path, talks about taking, sometimes, many years to understand suggestions or solutions Yogananda said to him. Kriyananda, even now, will listen inwardly to what this great master says to him in deep meditation and through his intuition, because he continually attunes his will to Yogananda’s will. There is a great lesson for us here — to always, even outside our meditation practices, keep this master in our thoughts, drawing on his inspiration, listening to his answers. Giving yourself to this realized master is the only way to live. You will find great joy and understanding of how to live.

Joy to you, Seva