I’ve Been Seeing Blue Spheres; What Do They Mean?


My question is on seeing blue spheres. This began some 30 plus years ago when in deep meditation in India with another guru. I see tiny flourescent dots, larger blue sheres and sometimes blue flourescent large spheres a few ft in diameter in the upper part of my room. This is a daily occurence. There is no particular mental state that brings them on; they are just regular daily experiences, but i would like to know their significance and origin. Thank you.

—Carol, USA


Dear Carol,

Many people see many different shapes and colors as a part of their meditations, and some people don’t see anything at all.

Others hear the inner sounds or AUM or experience feelings of rising energy, body movements, and so on. It is very different for each individual meditator.

We should all be careful not to make comparisons with others about what phenomena might or might not be happening to us in meditation.

Meditation is not a quest for phenomena. If things happen, it is usually fine and nothing to be concerned about. The truest test of meditation is how you are changing (for the better) in daily life. Are you calmer under stressful conditions? Do you feel happier, lighter, more harmonoius with the world around you? These are the important questions to ask.

In the case of what you are experiencing, it is most probably a sign that energy is awakening in one or more of your chakras. Blue is a color associated sometimes with the heart chakra, or with other higher chakras.

Paramhansa Yogananda states that: “During the advent of the life force in the 4th or heart chakra, the mind perceives a round ball of palpitating blue, and a desire for blue grows.”

You ask about the origin of what you are seeing. It is, most likely, the light within your astral body, being awakened and expressing itself in the ways you described.

When it happens again, you might want to pray deeply to God and your guru to help you understand what, if anything, you need to learn or do with the appearance of these lights. Then mentally offer them back to the source of all LIGHT which is Divine Light and Love.