Karma and Reincarnation


I know that birth and death is a cycle, and everyone has to go through it. I have lost my beloved one very unexpectedly, and I'm not able to cope with the thought that I will never be able to see him again. Where is he in the Astral world? Has he taken birth again? If the law of karma is true, then why am I suffering, after doing good and respecting God? Shall I never find peace?

—vaishu, india


When trauma comes our way, we always want to find blame for it outside of ourselves.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Time will help heal the pain. The loss, however, is; it is something that cannot be stopped or changed. Karma is; we have created our karma and will have to face it to change it.

These thoughts bring us to learning acceptance.  We need to accept all that comes our way and know that God is there to direct us to the right action in all things. When suffering comes, give it all to God; and again when joy comes, give that also.

This will keep us from being drawn into pleasure and pain — the duality that keeps us ever tied to this world of confusion.

It is said that a person does not reincarnate right away. I think, therefore, your friend is still with you, feeling with you, and guiding you. Be open to a larger reality and give everything your love.