Keeping calm in stressful situations


How can I maintain my cool in tough situations? I mean, in tough situations I absolutely am unable to control my nervousness. Is there an easy way to remain calm during trying situations?

—chandan, india


Dear Chandan,

Here are some very practical tips for dealing with nervousness and stressful situations:

Step back mentally from whatever is causing you stress; curb your instinct to react immediately.

Breathe. Use abdominal (belly) breathing; deep breathing naturally relaxes the body. For deep breathing be sure to inhale and exhale only through the nose. Let the abdomen expand outward with your inhalation and release back in with your exhalation.

Reflect on what’s trying to happen in the situation. Try to perceive the situation as if you were the director of this movie; how would you like it to end?

Choose your response. Let your response be thoughtful and conscious; avoid reacting, which tends to be automatic and unconscious.

Blessings and joy,