What is keeping him from finding a job?



My sister’s husband is facing problems in his job front for 11 years. Either he doesn’t get a job or even if he gets one, he is fired from his job very soon because he either falls sick or some circumstances arise that leads to his termination. He tried his business which ran successfully for 2.5 years but failed suddenly. He feels unwell from time to time. He is suspecting of black magic. What should he do now? How to find a job?

Please help

—SP, India


Dear SP,

It is good of you to be concerned about your sister’s husband’s inability to keep a job. This does happen to people, and it is very unlikely that it has anything to do with black magic. It has to do with their attitudes, their karma, and/or not having sufficient energy to overcome negative karmic patterns from past lives.

Yogananda used to tell his disciples that the proper attitude about finding work was this one. He said: “If I needed to find a job, I would shake the world until I found one.” This just meant that he would put out huge amounts of prayer and energy until, with God’s help and guidance, he got whatever it was he needed in this world.

Here are a couple of things to help your brother-in-law. Send his name to the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry at this address: https://www.ananda.org/prayers/prayer-resources/healing-prayer-form/ or healing@anandaindia.org and ask for specific prayers to help him. You pray for him also. Then suggest that he might want to study Yogananda’s fabulous teachings about energy and energization, along with learning his teachings on concentration and meditation, which are part of his path of Kriya Yoga. Please see: https://anandaindia.org/kriya-yoga/ . If he will do this, these teachings should go a very long way toward his solving his life’s challenges.