Keeping Your Peace with Strong Negative Emotions and Pain



I would like to know if there is an effective way to get rid of strong and negative emotions, for example I was hurt by being stabbed in the back at work. I have told myself many times to not let outer events destroy my inner peace, but it didn't work, because the pain is severe. I just couldn't get it out of my system. I would be grateful for your guidance.


—Kathy, USA


Dear Kathy,

This is major. Being stabbed is beyond any normal situation.

Of course I don’t know the whole picture (I haven’t heard the other side), but if the person who stabbed you seems a threat to society you should definitively report this to the police, if you haven’t already done so. This would not be unspiritual: “peaceful” non-acting in such cases can result in greater violence (to society, to others) than acting with force.

For yourself, you are brave to try to keep your peace in this extreme situation. I would recommend to also appeal to outer help. You could write to Mary Kretzmann, the director of the healing prayer ministry at Ananda, and ask for support. Prayers heal, physically and psychologically.

As you are a Kriyaban, I would definitely cry out to Master to help you in this, to be close to you now, more than ever. You are his child and have his unconditional love.

I would also pray to God with increased intensity, that this experience doesn’t become a scar in your consciousness. “Help me to be able to digest this situation, with Your protection and presence.”

It might help you to use a Scientific Healing Affirmation or a Metaphysical Meditation by Master, like:

“Teach me to feel that I am enveloped always in the aureole of Thine all protecting omnipresence, in birth, in sorrow, in joy, in death, in activity, in meditation, in ignorance, in trials, and in final emancipation.”

How to transform these strong and negative emotions toward the aggressor? Try to find out which mental trick could work for you, to turn around these emotions, whenever they surface. Personally I would immediately call on my “body-guard” Yogananda, and ask him, “please help me to resist, to remain strong, to think positive thoughts.” Maybe also immediately engage in some energetic activity, avoiding to enter into a vortex of thought.

Later, when things become more peaceful and settled again, you may ask God if He is trying to teach you something through this situation. At times He has to use extreme situations, because otherwise we don’t learn. It could for example be to learn to defend yourself. I say that because you write “for example I was hurt by being stabbed,” which makes me think that other major things may have happened to you. But of course I can be completely off with my guess. You have to intuitively get the answer in meditation, once you are a bit detached from it all.

I am sending you light. Master is with you. May you quickly move to God, beyond this maya-land of light and darkness.

In divine friendship, jayadev