Knowing God


I have have a tremendous desire to know God.

Unfortunately, my life circumstances have not been so helpful in aiding me in this direction, many of these, of course, are the result of my own wrong actions or decisions in the past. Often I could cry at my own ignorance and lack of effort in knowing God. Often I have to put a semblence of decorum on my character so as not to worry my family but inwardly I am devastated at not having found God. Can you help. I live in the UK.

—Paul Smith, United Kingdom


Dear Paul,

Yogananda said, “The time to know God is now.” Actually we cannot know anything else because God is everything. We have been deluded into thinking He is separate from us. He is not. So we must re-train ourselves into realizing Him within and without.

Do not identify with your faults as you seem to be doing. Give them to God. He wants to hear from you. If there is something that bothers you, talk it over with Him. He will find a way to answer you. In the silence of meditation much happens for you. Learn to meditate with a quiet mind and learn to listen. God speaks very softly and in our busy minds, we cannot hear Him. But even then He is working for you.

Bless all: your family, your friends and your enemies — for God is with them also. You might enjoy the book, God is for Everyone. Swami Kriyananda has had vast experience to share with us in this book.

Bless you, Seva