Kriya Initiation



I am doing Kriya Yoga on my own from internet. I did not get any initiation. Yogananda said that he will guide whoever gets initiation. Will he guide me also.

—Rajkumar, India


Dear Friend,

Yours is an excellent question but one difficult to answer in a simple and clear manner. In principle, one who feels a deep connection with the guru, in this Yogananda and the line of kriya yoga masters who sent him, may already have sufficient direct attunement to be truly a disciple and one who can be guided inwardly by the guru. Perhaps even receiving the kriya technique from the internet was your only practical way of getting kriya. I don’t know the facts and the truth in your case.

Clearly, both by tradition, and by Yogananda’s own teaching and practices during his lifetime, some connection, direct or indirect, with the guru is necessary. For most people, this comes through disciples of the guru (since Yogananda and the others, except Babaji, are no longer in a human body). It takes place in-person through a formal act of discipleship (including during the kriya ceremony). However, there cannot be fixed “rules” in regard to truth, to God, or to the karma and grace of the soul.

What, therefore I suggest and recommend to you is this: contact one of the Ananda centers in India and arrange to take formal discipleship and, as your circumstances permit, take formal training and initiation in kriya yoga. I know that if you put out the energy, with faith and conviction, to contact other disciples and make this connection through the living lineage of kriya yoga, your kriya practice will be greatly blessed and deepened. I say, further, “Why not?”

After this in-person approach to the spiritual path has long been honored traditionally and taught by great spiritual teachers down through the ages. The modern era may have blessed you with the kriya technique through the wonders of science and technology, but the “touch” of the guru through the disciple lineage is a great blessing. It clarifies and purifies one’s intention and I guarantee you that you will feel a deeper connection with Yogananda and your own soul, plus greater power through your kriya practice.

You can search for the nearest Ananda center and make contact with the great teachers and souls there through the very same internet: . You might also contact Jaya Helin, one of the kriyacharyas:

Blessings upon your journey to Self-realization,

Nayaswami Hriman