Lacking self-confidence


Sir i dont have self confidance,for everything whether it is work or healt or about family first negative thoughts are coming to my mind and it repeats in my mind due to which i m not able to sleep ,i dont feel any interest in anything. can you please help me how to control my mind?

—sanjay nayak, india


Dear Sanjay,

One of the best ways of controlling the mind to bring about positive energy flows is to dive into an activity that is totally absorbing to you.

First of all, the minute a negative thought or a worry enters your mind, stop it, think of God or your guru to draw that positive energy flow, and then take up an activity that will absorb you. Make sure the activity is positive, one that will keep your mind thinking good thoughts.

It takes energy and a very watchful mind to do this. While in a positive mind set, try to meditate. In this meditation give all your negative thoughts to God, watch them burn up in a mental fire, chant OM and just feel the joyfulness of God’s love.

When you are with others instead of thinking about their feelings about you, give them energy. You can do this by helping them in whatever activity they are doing, you can pray for them, you can give them positive feedback.

Do not worry if they reject you, decide that you want to be a positive person and give them your friendship. If rejection comes from them, it is their problem, not yours. Give them love and friendship always; give them the love you feel from God.

Bless you,