Large chakras


I was in a healing session with my sis who is Pranic healer and also a kriyaban. She scanned by astral body and observed that all my chakras are twice as big as an average person has (from her experience of healing other persons) and also that my 3rd eye is the very big. Is this a cause of concern? What is the reason that all my chakras are so big? Thanks.

—Prashanth, India


Dear Prashanth,

It would be difficult to measure the “size” of a chakra since they are not in a material dimension. Rather they are a part of our astral bodies. They are made of light and energy.

Probably what your sis is saying is that your chakras seem brighter than usual and filled with a great, radiating light, which I would say would be a very good thing indeed! So no cause for concern. Instead, a cause for rejoicing!

Why would they appear bigger than usual? Possibly due to some strong spiritual efforts you have made in this or other (past) lifetimes.

The chakras have many functions, but one is to store our past karma. If your past karma is predominantly good and filled with the desire to find God and freedom, then naturally your chakras would reflect this.

My advice would be for you to take this as an important sign for you to increase your spiritual efforts now, in this lifetime. Meditate daily and work toward Kriya Yoga initiation also, if you have not already done that.