Learning to Love Is Not a Passive Process


Hi Ananda Members!

By God’s grace I get to know the real intentions/feelings of people around me, no matter how hard they try to hide from me or others. And it so happens that time also reveals those things sooner or later. Now my problem is I am always silent and just watch everything instead of speaking out and I do suppress my feelings and anger which causes trouble to me in many ways. Please suggest how can I best handle such revelations and still maintain my calm. Thank you.

—A Singh, India


Dear A Singh,

Yogananda often said that we are here to learn to love. We are not here to correct the behavior of others. As we deepen spiritually we can often more clearly see the faults and selfish motivations of those around us. Our challenge is to learn to give them our unconditional, non-judgmental love regardless of their behavior.

Learning to love is not a passive process. You can learn to transmute your repressed feelings into action. Be of service to others with enthusiasm and thoughtful kindness. Do not ask yourself if they deserve your love. God loves us unconditionally. Love others with the same impartiality.

When we learn to love others unconditionally, we become channels for His love. As channels, we are deeply blessed by what flows through us.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie