Liberation and Finding God


Has Swami Kriyananda found liberation and God?

—Jason, Los Angeles


Your question actually has two parts and therefore needs two answers. First, has Swami Kriyananda found liberation? There are different stages of liberation. In the jivan muktan state, you have advanced to the stage where you acquire no new karma, but may have residual karma from the past to overcome.

The stage of final freedom, or siddha, is rare. Yoganandaji said, “Very few saints on earth have achieved final liberation, becoming siddhas, or perfected beings.” Swami Kriyananda is a highly advanced soul, but I do not know if he has achieved final liberation at this time.

The second part of the question,” Has he found God?” is easier to answer. During the last years, he has frequently said, “I feel so much bliss, I can hardly contain it anymore,” and “I don’t know anymore where Kriyananda ends and Master begins.” So, yes, I would say that he has found God.