Life on Other Planets?


Did Yogananda say anything about life on other planets ?

Of parallel universes ?

—TRANEA, Europe



Yogananda made comments in his talks and in his Gita commentaries that indicate he knew there was life on other planets.

When asked if souls continue to reincarnate on earth until they acheive liberation, he replied that they also incarnate on other planets.

Perhaps most intriguing, to me at least, is a reference in his Bhagavad Gita commentaries (which originally appeared serially in East West Magazine) about beings that live on the surface of suns and are miles tall! It made me realize that our definitons of “life” are usually very limited.

There is nothing I know of that Yogananda said specifically about parallel universes, at least not as parallel universes are theorized today.

However, the astral world certainly could be considered a parallel universe.

According to Yogananda and his teacher Sri Yukteswar, the astral universe gives birth to and supports the physical universe. I’ve often thought that many of the problems of physics that are solved by theorizing parallel universes are equally well and perhaps better solved by the concept of the astral universe.

If you are familiar with string theory you have probably run into the idea of “branes” – energetic substrates that support the physical universe – which are very similar in concept to astral energy.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie