How Do You Move Energy Upwards?


When I meditate in the middle of my heart, I see purple and blue green light and I go inside the purple light. Why is that?

—Sagar thakare, India


Dear Sagar,

Thank you for your question. The colors you are seeing can be described as an unrefined version of the universal experience that occurs as our awareness of the inner light becomes part of our meditation. When this light is seen perfectly, it is the form of a five pointed star set in a field of deep blue and circled by a ring of gold. In a state of ecstasy, that consciousness penetrates the spiritual eye and enters our inner awareness.

You may be seeing a variation of this inner light. By concentrating at the point between the eyebrows this focus will become clearer and recognizable as that five pointed star.

At the same time, meditation on the heart center is important for us, because it is the center of our feeling nature. That helps us to develop more devotion. Offering that devotion to the Divine helps us get through dry and mechanical periods of meditation when we lack that sense of devotion.

The energy of the heart will rise to support our meditation. As the heart feelings can generate desires or distractions, that energy needs to be brought to the point between the eyebrows.

So it is better to make our point of concentration the spiritual eye, which will draw the heart’s energy upward. In instead of focusing your meditation specifically on the heart, try tuning into the heart’s energy and direct it upward to the spiritual eye. Then the heart’s energy remains undistracted and supports your spiritual efforts.

Having your attention at the spiritual eye is most important. As your meditation becomes more refined, this will begin to happen more easily. Always in your meditations, in self-offering, gratitude and with love of the heart, ask God to be with you, bless you and guide you. Offer that love and joy to the spiritual eye — that you melt back into the Infinite Consciousness that is present all around.

Many blessings on your efforts,
Nayaswami Hassi