Listening to AUM in meditation


I read somewhere that lahiri mahasaya was attributed to say, "Man's greatest duty is to hear the AUM sounds." Why? He often counseled to do more kriya's for most problems. I'm not concerned about the apparent contradiction. Why did he stress the AUM technique?



Dear MPG,

It’s important to understand that each of the techniques of Kriya Yoga that Paramhansa Yogananda has taught us has its place in helping us to achieve final liberation as quickly as possible. None should be neglected.

The AUM technique does something for us that the Kriya technique does not offer in quite the same way and visa versa. Also hearing AUM can happen when you are practicing Kriya.

It’s not the primary objective of the technique, especially when you are new to the practice. But many things can and do happen all at the same time in meditation, such as hearing AUM, seeing the spiritual eye, feeling the energy moving in the astral spine, and feeling overwhelming bliss or devotion.

In our meditation practices, we need to expand our consciousness to include many possibilities in the ways God can come to us – not limit them. What Lahiri Mahasaya says is not a contradiction. It’s a call for expansion! It’s not an “either/or” situation. It’s “both/and!”

So practice the AUM technique to attune yourself to the great Cosmic Creative principle of God within you. Practice Kriya Yoga to magnetize your astral spine, clear it of all past karma, and purify yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

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