Living with “Karmic Scars”


Sir, I have always been truthfull and humble and seldom have cheated anyone, however, I got cheated by people which has left a big scar . How do I live with these scar's some of which have been very very bad.

Thanks Rajesh

—RAJESH, india


Dear Rajesh,

Perhaps in some distant past (life), you had done something similar (maybe it was that person?). Since then you’ve committed yourself to honesty. Yet, the karma, not yet being completely worked out, has found you and you have become the recipient. I cannot say that this is so, but I can say with conviction that this hurt is an opportunity to work out, end, or rise above whatever karma brought it to you to begin with.

Forgiveness and even-mindedness and letting go are not easy things to do. But we can begin by praying for the strength and power to do so. We begin, that is, with affirming our intention and desire to be rid of hurt, anger, or resentment, or any desire to “get even.” Our effort draws divine grace and all things are possible.

(This is not intended to say that we never take action when we are harmed, or others are harmed. One who commits a crime is subject to punishment under the law. That’s part of the karma for that action. If you know who it is and it is a crime, well perhaps it is to be reported. etc. etc. But you are not asking about this kind of action so I will not say more on this aspect.)

What we are speaking of is the reaction of our mind, emotions, and actions when we suffer harm at the hands of another. Remember, given enough time, your hurt will decrease and vanish. But why wait? The longer the hurt festers the deeper the karmic scar to you. The other person will have his own karma to work out.

I encourage you to inwardly resolve to “give it to God.” Pray and ask “What am I to learn from this?” “How can I forgive? Accept? Find peace?

Know that all comes from Divine Mother. All is for our spiritual growth. What is money or possessions but a distraction. Yes we need some of these things but if Divine Mother takes them away for a while, am I not the same, always?

Live more in the joy of God’s presence, love, and protection. Nothing and no one can harm you for you are a child of Eternity.


Nayaswami Hriman