Loneliness after death?


I have been reading Paramhansa Yogananda's book, The Essence of Self-Realization.

Yogananda said, "Souls who have meditated even a little bit in this life go to regions of great beauty after death." If an individual who meditates and loves God nevertheless feels great loneliness, however, will that loneliness continue after death?

—D.F., USA


Essentially, whatever tendencies or traits we have when we die will remain with us in the astral realm.

The key for us is to take the opportunity right now in this lifetime to release those tendencies that keep us bound to the ego.

If loneliness is something we are dealing with then we can work to overcome that by thinking less of ourselves, and more of others. Rather than feeling any lack of love we can shift the focus to giving love to others. In that offering, we expand our awareness and feel more of God’s presence and a sense of unity with others.

One other very effective way to overcome loneliness is to send healing prayers and energy to others. For more support in this please contact the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry.

Blessings and joy,