The Loss of a Pet


I am bereft. I took in two starving feral cats years ago. One died from cancer, and the second cat just died while I was away from home for a wedding. I loved these cats and also the dogs that have been a part of our family. I am wondering if Master, or our line of Gurus, have given any advice about the loss of our pets? Will we see them again when we pass from this plane of existence? It would be comforting to know that this would be possible. Thank you.

—Julie, USA


Dear Julie,

I am truly sorry for your loss. Though not a pet owner myself, I have many, many friends who are and who are dearly supportive and loving in their relationship with their pets. I am not aware of Master’s comments as to whether we remain in contact with our departed pets via some future life, whether “above,” or here again, but I can vouch for the teaching that pets (dogs, cats, horses, esp.) are very close to human incarnation. Their very closeness to humans is part of and an encouragement to their evolution upwards toward the human form. Master also repeated that some pets and other animals are SO HUMAN in their character and consciousness that they WERE in human form previously and, owing to some karma or another, “regressed” back to animal form. Why that is so will vary considerably: sometimes by soul choice other times by living more animal-like or instinctually (than consciously) when in human form.

I confess I have sometimes worried that a friend was so attached to helping and loving animals that he or she might be in danger of going back into animal form themselves in their next life! Magnetism is the law and the greater magnetism of one in a relationship will tend to influence the other! There are many stories from India about the back and forth of souls between human and animal forms with as wide a range of karmic causes as there are stories. I would say on general principle that our heart and soul connections are such that we WILL encounter our loved ones in the future and that our own evolution demands it. I encourage you, however, to affirm freedom for your departed pets’ souls and this you can do best to the degree of your own freedom (non-attachment). Affirm instead love, joy and comfort: “May we meet again as we progress in Self-realization toward our freedom in God alone.”

Nayaswami Hriman