I Lost My Connection with God


Dear guru yogi, My name is Raymond Convie. Up until this morning, I have had a great association with my Lord, having had three pulsating experiences from my body, neck, and top of head. I felt I was on a straight path to my heart’s desire, but then I definitely answered my final question wrong, when I decided what I truly wanted. Now my spiritual flow is negative and I am receiving everything I don’t want. Please help. I believe I was destined for healing purposes and maybe more. Regards.

—raymond, ireland


Dear Raymond, It is wonderful to hear of your “great association” with your Lord. There is no reason why you can’t continue on with it in your life.

What you are describing with the pulsations in your body, neck, and head are movements of the life-force (energy) in your chakras and astral/energy spine.

It is hard to know what you mean when you say you answered the “final question” wrongly. Be assured that we all take missteps on our inner journey to freedom, but these are definitely only temporary setbacks. Just keep moving toward the Divine Light and never doubt that you will get there eventually.

If you keep your energy pointed strongly toward a goal of oneness with God and continue to meditate and pray for guidance, it will surely come to you. God always loves us dearly and eternally wants us to find our freedom as soon as possible. In fact, we have it already—we have just not yet realized it.

Try chanting inwardly and continuously: “I want only Thee, Lord, Thee, only Thee.” That should help a lot!