Love: human or divine?



Could you tell me what is Love? Is human love and love for God, different? How can we say that love between two people is delusive, and not the reflection of the same love we have for God, since we too are a relection of Him? Why is the desire of intimacy with the opposite sex a hindrance, if it is? Is it wrong for two people who see God as their ultimate truth, to share the journey? Though i've heard from Swamiji that one travels the fastest who travels the lightest.

—Vinay, India


Dear Vinay,

Swami Kriyananda was just talking about renunciation yesterday during video recording of the Essence of the Bhagavad Gita interpretations for Indian TV.

He’s done 52 20-minute segments, and they’re wonderful. In this particular talk he encourages married and single individuals to open to God’s love first, but he doesn’t exclude the human love element in our lives.

What is discouraged is the love or desires that furthers the ego and not the soul.

Swamiji encourages us to seek God’s bliss, more even than His love. In the bliss of God, everything will flow in the right direction.

Most of the couples at Ananda are reunciates, filled with the desire to find God, and yet loving each other. They do share the spiritual journey together, helping each other on the path.