Loving Someone Despite Bad Behavior


If despite not so good behavior, one has a soft corner for someone due to past connections, is it a weakness and attachment, or is it true love?

—Indrani, India


Dear Indrani,

Choose always to love. But understand that love needs to come from a higher source, such as your guru or God. I have found that we do not really know what love is as it gets all tangled with emotions and past experiences. It is best to always turn toward God and draw his light and love into your heart and spiritual eye. You are ready then to give love to all.

This means that keeping an open and positive attitude to all is essential — for them and particularly for yourself. This does not mean that you need to interact with everyone, especially those who show bad behavior. In fact, it’s best not to be around such individuals as their energies can sometimes be stronger than yours. If this is the case they will bring your energies down to their level. Never let this happen. Do not be around them, but send them God’s love in prayer.

To live in this world it is best to keep your energy strong and in the light. You can always send this person or persons prayers for their well being. If you need to interact with negative, harmful people, keep your energy strong and in the light. Be brief and positive. They will soon get the message and leave you alone or possibly change their attitudes.

If you are talking of a specific person in your life who has bad attitudes, best to not see him/her until your energy is stronger. Again, you can always send them love and light from the divine. This will keep your energy in the light and it will definitely bring light to that person.

Bless you, Seva