How to Make the Right Decisions in Your Life


Dear Puru Sir

Thank you for your answer on “Can Visualization Change Reality?"

The problem is how do we know which choice to make and whether a particular choice will give us permanent peace and happiness? Very often when we make a choice, we think it is right,but it doesn’t yield a positive result.

Again our elders may advise us something but our heart might not be ready to accept it. At times we may be happy but probably at the cost of hurting someone else. So many dilemmas!!!Pls help!!

—Nina, India


Dear Nina,

Your question is a very important one. Everyone faces the question of how to make the right decisions in his or her life. Since I do not the particular decision you face I can only be general in my answer, but there are several ways to try to find your answer:

Talk with a wise friend. Speak with someone who you trust to be impartial and compassionate. It could be a relative, a friend, or a holy person. Do not feel that you must take their advice, but listen carefully and with an open heart.

Pray to be guided. Offer a sincere question up to God. Pray for insight and understanding. Pray to be given clues as to the right decision. Listen carefully to what you hear — whether it’s from a friend or a perfect stranger — God can speak through many channels.

Calm yourself. Sit quietly. If you know how to meditate do so. Once you have calmed yourself, think of your choices, one at a time, and tune into how each choice makes you feel in your heart. The best choice will make you feel calmer, more at peace. Lesser choices will feel unsettling, or disturbing, or make you feel agitated. If you are contemplating a major decision, do this many times, until you feel certain.

Sometimes the right choice is not the one we most want to make. Trust your calm feeling. Trust that your inner connection to the Divine is guiding you to the choice that will give you the most happiness in your life. Some desires burn brightly, but if you choose them, they will leave you unhappy in the long run.

I hope this helps.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie