Making Peace with God


how to live life after some one close has left you, who do we start blaming god and start hating him

—reema, india


Dear Friend,

As Mahatma Gandhi described, despite death, evil, and suffering life endures, life continues, and love returns.

Few souls can see the all but invisible threads of action (karma) that bind and tie souls and this world together. Until we know God we cannot know the mind of God: why this world and we were created; whence comes suffering; and to what destiny are we bound.

As humans we experience free will (even if limited) and we learn the importance of taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions. Therefore we must surmise that in some hidden way we have some involvement in all that occurs to us.

God doesn’t want us to suffer and God does not punish us. We punish ourselves and suffer the consequences of our own errors. Yet God has made us. God has given us the desire for love, peace, and joy. Thus to God’s presence as inner peace we must retire to find solace, healing, and vitality.

If someone has died or left you (your note doesn’t say which) reflect could it not have just as easily been you that died? Have you never hurt a friend or made a mistake?

Each person has only one choice when faced with suffering and hurt: to take respnsibility for his actions and attitudes and to carry on as best as one can with faith, hope, and charity.

For as the new life of Spring follows the death of Winter, this too must pass. Rather than blame God who is love itself and who loves you eternally, seek Him in the silence of your soul. He knows your hurt, your every thought. In God alone is there peace, for this world and its pleasures and satisfactions is like a prostitute: loyal to no one.

For now, help others; serve others, be engaged with the duties of your life; be grateful everyday for the gift of life; enjoy the happiness of others even if you do not feel it yourself. Most of all rest in God in your heart.