Mantra for self love


Greetings. I have problems with something I don't understand. Are you aware of the mantra, that can be repeated in the mirror and say 'i love myself' ?? I think i overdid it and i feel like as if my head is going to burst. Other people think that i am on drugs because my pupils are getting big, but that was because of the 'meditation' thingy i did. I was something i was advised to do, but now i am no longer so sure if it is good for me. I feel anxious. Do you have any advice?

—Kristian, Denmark


Hello Kristian,

I suggest you try the mantra, “I love my highest self”. Your highest self is beyond ego and is filled with compassion and love for all. You are simply an instrument for the Divine to flow through to others.

This mantra is an affirmation of who you really are!

May you feel God’s omnipotent love flowing through you,