Marriage and family


I am a reasonably spiritual person & love humanity. I have been married for 20 yrs with a childhood friend of mine. I was highly satisfied with my life & career growth till 5 yrs back when I learnt that my wife had been cheating on me for a decade. I am devastated since then and survived solely due to my spiritual leanings & responsibilty for my kids. We are now separated for 2 years but I wish her to come back for kids sake as it's none of their fault. Am I wrong & weak or right in my thinking?

—Ravi, India


Dear Ravi,

It is important that your wife agree with your proposal so that her returning is something you both feel is right.

I assume from your note that you have the children with you and that she left the home (perhaps at your insistence).

Having both parents together is only a benefit if there is harmony between them.

It is important you be clear in your intentions as to what expectations you may have if your wife were to return: is it only for the sake of the children or do you hope to reunite as a couple? Are you looking for household help in cooking or cleaning? These expectations should be clear and discussed with your wife and her consent and agreement are important.

Pray to God and the Masters for guidance in this matter and consider consulting someone who knows you and the family and whose judgement is wise and impartial.