Marriage Horoscope


Hi Jayadev! Thanks for your answer on Probably one needs to be happy on ones own for a long time. However in Indian astrology there is something called the "yog of marriage". As per my horoscope, after 2015 I won’t have any yog for marriage.This thought makes me nervous as I am 35 now. Do you think spirituality can help me overcome this barrier?

—Venu, India


Dear Venu,

I wouldn’t give too much importance to that “yog of marriage”. Horoscopes reflect karmic patterns, and that karma can be “roasted by wisdom” as Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi, in the chapter “Outwitting the Stars”. He writes:

“You may as well be resigned to your fate,” my brother Ananta had remarked. “Your written horoscope has correctly stated that you would fly from home toward the Himalayas during your early years, but would be forcibly returned. The forecast of your marriages is also bound to be true.” A clear intuition came to me one night that the prophecy was wholly false. I set fire to the horoscope scroll, placing the ashes in a paper bag on which I wrote: “Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom.”

I would just pray to understand your personal dharma. If it seems to be with a partner, you may use this specific affirmation by Yogananda: “Heavenly Father, bless me that I choose my life companion according to Thy law of perfect soul union.”

If however your dharma is to remain single, then that is the happiest thing you can do. Relationships & marriage anyway are not for happiness, but they are simply schools of growth, that’s all. And one can grow in so many other ways.

If you place your life sincerely in God’s hands, then whatever happens, it’s the best, it’s perfect. So kiss good-bye to nervousness.

God bless you, Jayadev