Did Mary Know That Jesus Would Die and Rise Again?


When did Mary begin to understand that Jesus would die and rise or did she always know that Jesus would be crucified and rise again ?

—Melchior, World


Dear Melchior, Because there are more than one Mary’s mentioned in the New Testament, I’m not sure which Mary your question is asking about.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, most likely had hints of the crucifixion to come, all throughout Jesus’s life. Nevertheless, it must have been a shocking catastrophe for a mother’s loving heart to have to go through. Of course, Jesus fully recognized this and spoke special words of caring and concern to her from the cross.

I do not know of a place in Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings wherein he answers your question, but my guess would be that on some level the Marys and many other of Jesus’s closest disciples could feel what was going to happen, at least on an intuitive level. Yogananda did mention that they were all great, spiritually advanced souls.